Summer Immersion

Q: What is Summer Immersion?
A: Summer Immersion is the first meeting of the incoming PEL class.  It is a week-long introduction to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and WMD-related policy issues.  During Summer Immersion we will visit and hear from policymakers who work on WMD issues, including those at the State Department, Pentagon, and National Security Staff.  Finally, Summer Immersion is a chance to get to know your fellow PEL members and begin to form the relationships that we hope to foster between members of the next generation of leaders.

Q: Who attends Summer Immersion?
A: All members of an incoming PEL class attend Summer Immersion.  In addition PEL Senior Mentors join the new members throughout the week.  They are on hand to answer questions and impart wisdom based on their years of government service related to WMD.

Q: What will I learn from Summer Immersion?
A: At the end of the week, you will have a sense of the breadth of issues related to WMD and the offices and departments which address them.  You will have met and gotten to spend time with your fellow members, making connections we hope you will begin to rely on in your work.  You will have met and heard from the program’s Senior Mentors and begun to understand the resource they represent.

Q: What is the time commitment for Summer Immersion?
PEL members can expect Summer Immersion activities to run all day each day, from approximately 0800 to 1700. There may also be evening activities, either optional or required, that are offered throughout the week. PEL staff will provide incoming PEL members with arrival and departure times for each day in advance of the event. Failure to attend any required portions of the event can be grounds for removal from the program.

Q: I want to apply for PEL, but I have a scheduling conflict the first two days of Summer Immersion.  If I were selected, would there be any leeway?  Could I miss one or two days of Summer Immersion?
A: Summer Immersion is packed full of interesting meetings that we want you to attend. In addition it is the first time your class will be together, so it’s a chance to meet and get to know your fellow members.  Based on these two reasons, you will not be excused from any days of Summer Immersion.  If you have a scheduling conflict, you will not be able to participate in PEL that year and may need to re-apply if you wish to join the program in the future.